“To be a local church body, whose members use their gifts together to Worship the Almighty God; to help one another grow in the grace of the Holy Spirit; and to take part in the mission of the Lord Jesus Christ in our unique vocation as Christians in the Anglican tradition.”

The Vision Statement can be summarized has having three core points:

  1. To Worship the Almighty God
  2. To Help one another in the Grace of the Holy Spirit
  3. To take part in the Mission of the Lord Jesus Christ

We seek to be a local Anglican church that worships God together; helps one another grow; and ministers to our community. Our Vision Statement is meant to act as a standard for our parish in worship, fellowship with one another, and ministry to the community and world.  The statement is meant to be broad enough to create Mission Statements for our current and future ministries; but the Statement is also to act like a compass that guides us when we are trying to make important decisions that effect the whole church community.

The Vision Statement is meant to reflect our understanding of what the Scriptures say about the mission and nature of the local church; and it is also meant to reflect the Trinitarian nature of God that the Creeds clearly expound. As we continue to grow as a church in the months and years to come–adding ministries, gaining clear focus and direction, and growing in our communion with one another–we hope that we will see with more clarity the community envisioned in this Statement.