We seek, gather, and care for Christ’s scattered sheep living in nursing homes.  Uniquely, we approach ministry holistically.  We adopt everyone in the nursing home — residents and families, staff and management.  We love anyone and everyone, Christian and non-Christian.  We minister both to and with people, enabling the least of these, the destitute and dying, and the otherwise forgotten and put away, to be the local, missional church in each nursing home where they live with purpose, for the glory of God instead of just waiting to die.

We welcome other branches of Christ’s Church. Accordingly, we foster parish life including worship, comforting the dying and grieving, visiting the bedridden and sick, fellowship, prayer, Bible learning, pastoral care, special celebrations, friendships, and partaking of the sacraments.  We freely provide time-tested resources and support to help others begin and sustain similar ministries.