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Survey and Information

Dear members of Christ our Hope, A few people asked me to clarify the nature of the upcoming vote, and how the process works in our denomination when making such a cash purchase of property by a parish.  So, I am going to give a small teaching in the theory of Anglican polity to show…

Friday Night Firepit Fun

From Anita Evanhoe:   Weather permitting, we will have our fire pit going, starting at 7:30 p.m.  We will have some snacks and beverages available.  Please join us — come and go as you are able.  Feel free to bring something to share if you like.  (4301 Spring Hollow Court)    

Parish survey concerning new building

Greetings members and friends of Christ our Hope! I have heard many good and positive words concerning the new building we are looking into, and our ability to purchase it without debt. And I did enjoy seeing our church families there at the building together. Thank you all who took your time to look into…