Christ our Hope supports our local Anglican Classical School, Dominion Academy of Dayton.

Dominion Academy’s academic program is based on a Classical model of education. Students are led through the three educational stages of learning:

  1. First, students experience the knowledge (grammar) stage. In this case, grammar means “building blocks.” During this stage, students gain the basic knowledge of the subject.
  2. Next, students enter the understanding (logic) stage by taking knowledge into their own understanding and evaluating it. They ask the questions, “Is it valid?” “Is it true?” “Why?” This obviously involves a great deal of critical thinking. Students are challenged to decide whether the information is correct or incorrect and make connections about cause and effect.
  3. The final stage of learning is the wisdom (rhetoric) stage, where the focus is on learning to use effectively and beneficially what has been learned. Students incorporate the subject matter into their own understanding and allow it to change the way they are thinking or they reject the ideas as unworthy. Students learn to express opinions about the information they have accumulated and evaluated. The study of rhetoric is an elegant expression of these opinions through speech and writing.

For more information go to http://dominionacademy.org/