Our children’s Sunday school consists of two separate Sunday school classes, designed to grow each child in the knowledge of the faith and love of God, and of the Holy Scriptures.

Our Sunday school for children who are in the stages of Pre-K through 2nd grade is taken from the Godly Play®  curriculum, which is meant to introduce the child to the symbols and story of our common faith. More information on Godly Play® can be found here, or in our section for the Godly Play® class. The class is made up of children ages 2-7 years old.

The next stage in the child’s catechism is important for future stages of life; and at this point, children begin to grow in  comprehension and communicating skills tremendously. Often they learn to read during this time, and so we have developed a class that allows one of the first books they will read in life to be the Bible. The class is a Bible reading catechism for children ages 8-11. The children read the Scriptures first hand, and learn how important knowing the word of God is for their life and faith. More information for this Sunday school can also be found in our section for our Children’s Bible Catechism class.