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Building Viewing and Sunday Luncheon

Hello members of Christ our Hope, Per the exciting announcement I gave to the church after services this past Sunday, I want to update you and begin to give you solid information concerning this building that the Vestry unanimously has approved to look into purchasing. I am sure many of you have many questions. And…

Homework for “Joy of Love”-Due Sept. 9

Here is the homework for our next class on Sept. 9. We will be reading all of Chapter 7 and discussing your answers in class. May the Lord continue to bless our families, and our studies as we seek to reflect his divine love through our marriages and all our relationships. Homework assignment (Class 5)

A Canoe trip on a beautiful day

Our canoe outing was a success! The weather was near ideal and none of our concerns about rain played out, as it was partly cloudy for half the journey, and then we got some sun in the second half of the trip. It was a wonderful day to be out together to experience the serenity…