Church move-Thank you!

I want to thank everyone for their participation in the church move yesterday. I am very grateful to the Lord for the teamwork and positive spirit I saw among our congregation and all who took part. Doing a move can be a stressful event, but I felt that our move was done in much joyfulness, servant heartedness, and unity. And for this, I am most grateful.

However, I want to thank everyone for their manual labor as well. I pray that everyone is feeling well today and this week. I am sure some are sore and tired. I hope you can catch up on some rest and  take time to recuperate sometime soon. People were working hard! Even the children did their part, as they were fairly well behaved, some helped, and others, (seeing the opportunity,) sold Lemonade and cookies to many.

There will be more on the move and the future Building Consecration (May 30) in the weeks to come, but I wanted to give my heartfelt appreciation for yesterday’s teamwork.

May the rest and peace that comes only from the Lord fill you all abundantly this week.



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