Update on building-Feb. 28: Everything on track!

We our happy to report that we are on time and on budget so far in our schedule for the renovations and move!

Contractors are hired for separate parts of the building, and they will begin work next week, on March 4. We are going to renovate areas of the Sanctuary and behind the altar. And we are also going to renovate the fellowship area, to give us more space for Adult Sunday school and gatherings.

Our Jr. Warden, Dorathea Fortener has been working full time for weeks now, leading teams to paint and clean, and also updating and making more presentable our two bathrooms and kitchen. Their work is already bearing much fruit, as the bathrooms and kitchen look wonderful! We want to thank her for her dedication, example, and leadership.

We also want to report that we have acquired some lovely wooden altar rails! They are hand made and are from 1906, but they look like they were made recently. They were part of a church near Philadelphia, and we are thankful to the Lord that he has brought them to our little church in Fairborn where they will continue to be used for Communion of the faithful.

We will have pictures to come of how the bathrooms look, and the kitchen, the new altar rails, and any other changes that we would want you to see along the way. But for now, please be on the lookout for any work days that might be coming up, as we can use all the help we can get.

And thank you to all who have already helped in the various ways that you all have been serving. 

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  1. How wonderful! I am thankful for this testimony declaring the grace of God bestowed upon Christ our Hope. The parish is dear to Him for He loves His Bride with such a blazing passion I cannot even comprehend its intensity. May the Lord richly bless the work of the parish’s hands and the ministry which issues from her midst into the community.

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