Men’s Lenten Group-Growing in Grace Together

It is very important that men grow together in grace, as they realize with one another their common need for the living God. Fr. Isaac and Scott McDonald are working together to get a group of our men to journey with each other during Lent. We are hoping this group helps the men to observe Lent in a deeper and more meaningful way as they share their journey with their fellow brother’s in Christ. And we do not want this group to end with Lent, but we hope this will help to lay a foundation of prayer and fellowship on which for us to build and develop strong men’s fellowship in the months and years to come.

Some of the details are as follows (but there is more to come):

  • The group will likely meet once a week on Wednesday before Evening Prayer for a Meager Meal and Study.
  • During these meetings we will study various spiritual disciplines and how they can help us in our spiritual battles.
  • We will then have applications each week that help us to practice these various disciplines and focus on an aspect of the Christian life.
  • When we get together for the meal at the end of that week, we will have a time to discuss how the spiritual discipline effected us and the various challenges and successes.

This is going to be an interactive group, with us not only meeting together once a week for prayer and a meal, but also continuing through the weeks to practice what we are discussing in the group in different ways each week; and to keep in contact with each other in prayer and communication throughout the week. We hope the Lord will lead many of our church men to join this group. Even if you are only able to go to some of the weeks, it is still encouraged that you take part if possible. Any friends or family would be welcome.

Please be on the lookout for any communications about this group opportunity. Or please let us know of your interest in such a group. We might send out a group text or e-mail in the next week or so in order to begin to form the group.

We are looking forward to growing in our Lord this Lent with you all, and also growing in our communion and mission together.


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