Members’ Meeting and Services this weekend- A Go!

The weather forecast for Saturday is snow throughout the day, but temperatures are supposed to be in the 30’s. We are hoping this makes for not so icy conditions. Not wanting to cancel any further scheduled services, and because we are getting behind in our timeframe for the building move, we are going to continue on as scheduled.

So we are inviting everyone to come to the Members’ Meeting at 6:30 p.m. at the current building this Saturday, January 19th. But we are advising caution and for everyone to be safe and wise in their decisions to come or to stay home.

Please bring one or two dishes to share, and even if only a few people show up we will have a pot luck and fellowship.

Services this weekend, including Sunday school, will also continue as usual. Please do not feel any pressure to come if you do not feel at the time that it is wise for you and your family. We can always reschedule if there are not enough people for the Members’ Meeting. And if we do so, we will let everyone know as soon as possible when the new date would be.

Please be in prayer for the meeting, the weather, and God’s will in all that will happen with Christ our Hope in the year to come.




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