Information and Plans for New Building

Dear Members of Christ our Hope,

It has been two months since we voted to purchase the new property at 2709 Old Yellow Springs Road. We want to update you on what has happened, and what will be happening in the months to come as we move our church to this new location that the Lord has graciously provided.

We closed on the building in mid-October, and got utilities and insurance set up immediately. Though some would like to have moved right away to the new building, there are reasons to wait until the spring. Our plan is to do some renovations to the sanctuary and bathroom area during the winter months and while we are not in the building. We hope to have these renovations completed by late February.

The earliest we can get the parking lot done is about mid-March, and so we hope to get the parking lot done soon after the renovations are completed. If this happens as planned, then by April the building should be ready for us to move into. However, there will still be much work and planning needed at this point.

Our hope is to begin to get everyone involved ahead of time, so that we can be well ready to start doing our part in preparing the building as a congregation by April. At the Member’s Meeting, which is likely to be held on Jan. 19, we will have a discussion on the vision for next year, and how we want to progress in moving, settling in, and beginning outreach in our new community.

At this meeting, we will give more details about our timeline and our plans to create teams to do certain delegated tasks. For instance, we will be building a Sexton team that helps maintenance, maintain, and care for the building and property; and we will likely have an interior design team to design and decorate the sanctuary and other parts of the building. The newly formed Vestry will take the lead in coordinating all the volunteers and teams at each stage. There may be painting that needs to be done, cleaning, woodwork and various other needs that we hope to get help from the church to do. And all of this will be given in more detail at the meeting.

So,  likely between February-April next year, we will be organizing and signing people up to volunteer. We hope to have some events at the new building before we move, and might possibly even have the Member’s Meeting there, just to help set the stage for next year. So be on the lookout for more information about the meeting in the weeks to come. Please be in prayer that everything continues to go smoothly and in God’s will, as we continue to go forward as co-laborers together in our Lord’s fields.

Sincerely and in Christ,



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