REC Advent Offering

This is a reminder that the REC is asking the local churches and parishioners for help this Advent to meet needs for 4 different missionaries. The REC has provided information about who these missionaries are, and what the needs are that the REC is attempting to provide this Christmas season. If you would be interested in praying or giving to this offering, this is a link that provides good information:

REC Adent Offering info

This is a wonderful time of the year to help our brothers and sisters serving Christ far away from their own home; and to show our support to our bishops who are trying to unite us together in co-labor for the Lord. Envelopes for the offering are the church, if you would like to give at Holy Communion; or there are ways to give personally through the website above.

We pray that the Lord bless this offering in providing abundantly for the needs of his people who are serving him with their lives, and we pray that they are strengthened and encouraged this Christmas season to continue to sow the seeds of His kingdom throughout the world!


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