All Saints’ Observances

We will be having two services to observe All Saints’ as a church this year.

We will not have Evening prayer on Wed. Oct. 31, as we usually do each week. But rather, we will have our weekly prayer service on Thurs., Nov. 1, when we will have an All Saints’ Evening Prayer at 7:00. 

It will be about an hour long, and it will be a fairly normal sung Evening Prayer service with readings and prayers focused on All Saints’ Day.

Then, on Sunday, Nov. 4  we will have our All Saints’ Holy Communion at 10:30 a.m. At that service, we will have the All Saints’ Procession. For this, the children (and adults) are invited to dress up in a costume of a saint, or an era costume that represents saints from that era, and they will process with the church at the beginning of the service.

At the Holy Communion, we will also read in memorial the names of loved ones that we have committed to the Lord, and that we believe are now with Him as his holy ones. There will be a list in the back the next 2 Sundays for you to fill in any names of loved ones you wish to be remembered at our All Saints’ Holy Communion.

May the Lord bless our gathering together as a church to celebrate our loved ones and all the saints’ on this holy and festive day.




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