Update — Ricky Teachey

3 notes from Jenny Downey to update us on Ricky’s progress:

“He’s moving around wanting to get up. They’re going to take him off sedation soon. He’s breathing on his own and his heart is beating on its own. Should have a lot more answers in the next few hours. He’s really agitated even under sedation so they’re hesitant to take him off if it just yet.”  

(1 hour later) He’s awake. They’re asking him lots of questions to see how his head injury affected him. What’s your name? “Ricky Teachey.” What year is it? “2018.” Who is the President? (eyes widen, voice cracking) “TRUMP!””

(1 hour after that) Jacqueline says that RIck recognizes his brother, his mom and her. He also seems to have memory up until Sunday, September 23rd.  His neck brace is off and they are trying to get him eating.  He will hopefully move out of ICU tonight. Thank you all for your continued prayers!  


Thanks be to God for His unspeakable mercy and goodness!


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