Parish survey concerning new building

Greetings members and friends of Christ our Hope!

I have heard many good and positive words concerning the new building we are looking into, and our ability to purchase it without debt. And I did enjoy seeing our church families there at the building together. Thank you all who took your time to look into this for us, and for those who have given your input to me or other leaders of the church.

We continue to ask for your input. This Sunday at church, we are going to hand out a survey to the parish that we are giving two weeks to return. This survey is the Rector and Vestry trying to get your thoughts and gain your consent for our decision to purchase this building and move our parish into this new building.

So, this survey will be available at church the next two weeks, and I likely will even make the survey available on the blog early next week for people to download and fill-in to turn into the church on Sunday.

Once we see the results of the survey, we will announce to the parish the final decision. I am hoping to have this announcement on Sunday, Sept. 30. So, we ask that you continue to pray and consider the important move this is for us as a parish and the exciting future that lies ahead for us as a church. And please be sure to fill out this survey once you get it, and to get it back to us on time for us to record it.

Sincerely and in Christ,



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