Building Viewing and Sunday Luncheon

Hello members of Christ our Hope,

Per the exciting announcement I gave to the church after services this past Sunday, I want to update you and begin to give you solid information concerning this building that the Vestry unanimously has approved to look into purchasing.

I am sure many of you have many questions. And I believe we likely will have many answers to give you, since we have been working overtime to get everything accurate and make sure everything is done wisely and righteously.

So this Sunday after Holy Communion services, the church will sponsor a Subway© luncheon at the church. All members are invited. At this luncheon we will explain more the details of the building search, the details of the building we have found, and the opportunities for ministry that could open up to us should we decide to purchase this building and property.

The realtor is going to open the building for us from 1:00-3:00 p.m., Sunday afternoon. So, after the luncheon, I hope many of us can caravan (I could even fit some in my big van) and go over to see the building first hand.

If any are unable to make it to church, or to stay afterward for the luncheon, you are welcome to come by during these hours, because I will be there greeting people.

I am going to give you a listing for this property. But, the price has already dropped since negotiations began, and the listing simply doesn’t give much of the details. The parking lot is in terrible condition, but part of our negotiations and planning has taken a brand new parking lot into consideration. So, picture a brand new parking lot when you go to look at the building.

Here is a listing: Listing for prospective property/building.

I want to point out, the building is really nice inside and ready to move into. And the biggest feature is that the property is over 6 acres of land! It is really is a beautiful property and building that will allow us to be right in the middle of a neighborhood. And with all the grass and beauty, we will feel and be a true neighborhood parish church.

So, please take time to pray and to think about this building, and consider if this could be the Lord’s hand opening a wonderful door for us. We are able to purchase it with renovations, for nearly exactly what we have in our building fund, and I find this comforting and possible pointing to the Lord’s hand in this. I, as your pastor, have been working and praying over this building now for nearly a month. And I have come to believe it would be a very healthy and good move for our parish, and thus far the Vestry and Building Committee are in solidity with this.

I hope to see all of you next Sunday for Holy Communion and then this important and exciting task.

Sincerely and in Christ,



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