A Canoe trip on a beautiful day

Our canoe outing was a success! The weather was near ideal and none of our concerns about rain played out, as it was partly cloudy for half the journey, and then we got some sun in the second half of the trip. It was a wonderful day to be out together to experience the serenity and beauty of the Lord’s creation.

We had 11 people turn out, with 3 father-son teams. We were traveling together for most the way in a pack of 4 canoes and 1 kayak. We had 3 or 4 flip overs, 1 lost hat, 14 sighted turtles–according to our youngest group member–and no injuries!

We hope to do outings like this as a church a couple of times each year during the spring and summer;  and we invite any men of our church to join us in the future.

And I want to thank Rich Zepernick for taking the time to set up the trip; and also for taking care of all the logistics.

May the Lord bless our men’s fellowship with many years of good memories.


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  1. Richard Zepernick

    Thanks .Fr. Isaac! Lots of fun for sure. And lots of turtle sightings and wet canoeists!

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