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From Fr. Isaac:

“I enjoyed beginning the book study of Joy of Love with you all. For those who were not able to attend this Sunday, if you read over chapter one from paragraphs 8-18 you will be caught up with us. I also handed out the homework assignment due next Sunday’s class. I have attached that assignment for anyone to download here. We will go over the homework in class and then continue reading together.

Also, Pope Francis quoted from the Apocrypha during our reading and I wanted to give a list of those books and a small explanation of how Anglicans have traditionally used the Apocrypha. Anglicans see the Apocrypha  as being on a lower level from the Biblical books, but also on a different level from other secular books. They have been even read in Church on Sunday morning, and have been used in poetry and drama often.

So in the Anglican tradition, the books in the Apocrypha  have been esteemed, seen as sound teaching and wisdom, and believed to belong to the community of faith. But, they are also not seen by Anglicans as inspired like the books designated Holy Scripture, upon which we build our most holy faith and doctrine. Roman Catholics would not make this distinction, and they would treat the Apocrypha as equal to the rest of Scripture. And so, at times Pope Francis might use these books with more force than we would. But, unless he is using them to teach something heretical, this should not hinder our hearing of his message, since we also are called to esteem these books and to hear their content. We just have to read with discernment. So here is a list of the Apocrypha books with their abbreviations:

Baruch (Bar.)

Bel and the Dragon

Ecclesiasticus (Ecclus.)- This book is also known as Sirach (Sir)

1 & 2 Esdras (1 & 2 Esd.)

Judith (Jth)

1 & 2 Maccabees (1 & 2 Macc.)

Prayer of Manasses (Manasseh)

Song of the Three Holy Children

Susanna (Sus.)

Tobit (Tob. or Tb)

Wisdon of Solomon (Ws)

Homework assignment (Class 1)



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