Prayer Request — Jeff Brown

Jeff Brown has been in a cardiac episode since Saturday — atrial fibrillation.  He is resting and doing all he can do to see if his heart converts to normal rhythm and hopes to avoid the Emergency Room.  While his heart seems to be settling down, it is not where it should be yet and they will be checking his pulse regularly through the night.  If it goes too low or too high, that’s a trip to the ER, but they are hoping things will be stable enough that he can wait to see his doctor tomorrow morning.  Rosanne asks that contact be made only through email currently so that they can rest as much as possible.

Heavenly Father, in love you have created us and in you we live and move and have our being.    We pray for our brother Jeff this night that your loving presence will comfort him and sustain him; that your healing power will work powerfully in his heart; and that your peace that passes all understanding will be his portion through the night.  We ask these things through Jesus Christ our Lord, for his sake and for his glory.  Amen


  1. Praying for you both, Jeff and Rosanne. May the Lord minister to you both according to your several necessities.

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