Update from Elyse Burns

From Elyse this morning:

Dear Church Family –


Thank you so much for your prayers over the past couple of weeks…


Taiwan: the county we were in (Hualien) was quite devastated by the earthquake… 12 confirmed dead and hundreds more injured. Many were trapped in the rubble and it took several days to rescue as many people as possible. This cut our camp short and made it very bittersweet to say goodbye to the children.

Please continue to pray for those who lost loved ones and livelihoods in the damage of the earthquake, as well as those recovering from injuries and trauma.

Please also pray for the kids we worked with in the two weeks of camps. In the camps in Yilan especially, we had many behavioral issues. At the end of camp, some of the kids wrote “wishes” on goodbye cards. Many of them included wishes that their parents would stop drinking. Our camp leaders informed us that most of the parents in that village go to work before dawn and then resort to alcohol at the end of the day. My heart breaks for the kids because the lack of a nurturing familial atmosphere is obvious in the way they interact with us and each other. Many don’t know how to deal with their emotions or anger and many are desperately seeking attention. In the camp in Hualien, my roommate and I came across a large church with a cross on it and a service on Sunday morning. I wasn’t able to find out more, but it seems there is a Christian influence in that town and I pray this is so. We noticed a marked difference in behavior there as well…

Bali: thank your for your prayers for my health! I spent several days in the hospital but have finally been released. The doctors found bacteria/infection in my system through some blood tests… I’ve been on antibiotics now that seem to be clearing up the issues. I’m certainly not 100%, but I’m getting there and resting for the last few days that we’re here.

As always, I’m truly grateful for all of you and your support. I miss you all and think of you often.   Elyse


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