Prayer Update – Elyse Burns

From Karen Burns —

Elyse managed to survive the earthquakes of Taiwan, but is still struggling with her health.  She hadn’t slept well while at English camp, due to the sleeping conditions and then the earthquaking.  She believes that she ended up leaving the little village with the flu.  So she began her holiday exhausted and recovering from the flu.

She and her roommate, Ammy flew to Singapore, then on to Bali, where they were going to hike and tour the countryside.  Not long after their arrival, Elyse began to throw up, non-stop for five hours.  She went to the ER and was put on a fluid IV.  The next day she seemed to be better and was able to visit the terraced rice fields. But the throwing up began again, this time accompanied by intestinal distress.

She returned to the ER and has been in the hospital for at least two days now.  They have run blood tests and found she has an infection in her blood stream and colon, and is on antibiotics.  She has been able to keep food down, and is sure that her fever has finally broken.

Ammy has been able to stay with her most of the time (I guess the hospital is a beautiful place).

They are still waiting on tests to see if there is anything else going on.

Please pray for this girl!  They are supposed to end their trip with a stop at the Olympics, but I haven’t heard if that is still on the docket.


Lord God in whose word this whole world is held together, we feel helpless in the natural realm for our dear sister, Elyse, who is far away from home.  But we rejoice that there is nowhere so far away that you are not there and we know that you are with Elyse as she battles illness and distance and different customs.  We joyfully entrust her to your care and keeping, asking that you would shower your mercy and goodness upon her in this difficult time.  We also ask that you would fill her, and those who love her, with your peace in great measure.  We thank you that our confidence is in you as we pray in the Name of your Son, our Savior, Jesus Christ.  Amen


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