Thank You from Elyse Burns

Dear COH Family –  

Thanksgiving was especially hard for me this year. I woke up Thanksgiving morning feeling pretty down and when I got home from school, there was a card on the table from all of you. It arrived on MY Thanksgiving day (still your Wednesday) – how perfectly timed was that? It was just what I needed… to hear from all of you.Two days later I received your box! You all certainly beat the Christmas rush this year! In spite of my father’s voice in my head reminding me that you can never open a gift before Christmas day, I opened all of it and read the cards (sorry, Dad!). Thank you SO much. I was so touched (especially by the adorable children’s cards). I’ve spent the weekend making tea and enjoying all the chocolates. I’ve even used the mint chips to bake for our Thanksgiving dinner this evening.You all are wonderful and I miss you very much. I appreciate the care and encouragement in spite of the fact that I’m so far away. It means a lot.

Blessings in this wonderful holiday season – 





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